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All designs of our Fire-Guard range for both hydrocarbon and jet-fire soft enclosure systems, are based on flame temperature, expected fire duration, equipment size and maximum surface temperature. Our enclosure systems have been independently tested to the hydrocarbon and jet-fire time/temperature curve for a period of two hours. As a result, they are approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

Each system is designed to specific project/client requirements. These may include removable access panels and venting. Cable & service line entry points are easily accommodated. Depending on the complexity of the application, our Surveying team are available to assess and measure-up the equipment requiring fire protection. This is followed by fixed-price quotation and formal drawings for approval.

The most complex of equipment configurations can be accommodated, with the incorporation of rolled hollow section frames where necessary to support the enclosure.

Key Features

Highest Quality Standard – Competitively Priced

3rd Party Hydrocarbon and Jet-fire testing

Tailor made for exact fit

Access & venting panels for convenience