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Biogas Flow Rate Measurement

The model ST51 “No Moving Parts” Thermal Mass Meter is ideally suited to the measurement of dirty, saturated Bio Gas at low flow and low pressure. The ease of installation, negligible pressure drop and mass flow output has proved the ST51 to be an ideal alternative to conventional DP cells and turbine meters. In addition the sensor can be removed “Live” with the optional 1” BSP Ball valve.

We have, literally, 100’s of units installed in the UK in a variety of industries from Landfill, Sewage treatment, Municipal food waste AD to Industrial effluent treatment.

All units can be supplied with either hand held programmers or RS232 connectors for field adjustments of pipe sizes, flow ranges & the analogue & pulsed outputs.

Key Features

  • True mass flow measurement (kg/hr or Nm³/hr)
  • Totalised flow measurement (Kg or Nm³)
  • Gas temperature measurement (ºC or ºF)
  • ATEX II 2 G/D (Exd) certified,
  • No moving parts
  • “Live” retraction through full bore ball valve
  • Ultra low flow capability