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Oil & Acid Spray-Out Protection

Process sites using or storing hazardous liquids (oils, solvents, acids, caustics) are duty bound to use best-practice methods and control measures to avoid leaks, in line with DSEAR, EP15 and other regulations.

The weak-point on any pipeline will be connections such as flanges, valves, couplings and a variety of other fittings. Our range of Safety Shields are made to exact fit and envelope these fittings to avoid spray-outs and oil mist formation, thus eliminating the risk of fire, explosion and generally improve site safety.

Our Safety Shields are in use on applications such as lube, seal and fuel oil (for generators/engines), acids and caustics (water treatment & chemical injection) and steam lines.

Key Features

  • Simple installation
  • Available for any size and configuration
  • Re-usable, even in the event of liquid leads
  • Range of shield materials to suit any application
  • Free Site-Survey available