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Hydrogen – Syngas flow measurement

Thermal gasification is becoming increasingly common and can treat a wide variety of organic waste materials with minimal atmospheric emissions. The result is a mixture of hydrogen & carbon monoxide. The Hydrogen can then be used for electricity generation or fuel cells

The ST75V is a thermal mass flow meter, ATEX certified for hydrogen flow measurement. It is available in 1/4″ up to 2″ pipe sections with a “built in” flow conditioner so that there are no requirements for additional straight pipe lengths upstream.

The ST75V can measure Hydrogen flow from as low as 0.0065 kg/hr up to 40 kg/hr & because it measures “mass” flow directly there is no need to make additional temperature & pressure measurements.

Unlike other flow meters that are calibrated using air, with a cross reference factor, the ST75V is calibrated using pure Hydrogen gas which improves overall accuracy & repeatability.

Key Features

Direct Mass flow measurement

No moving parts

Ultra low flow capability

1/4″ to 6″ pipe sizes,

Operating temperature up to +450C.

ATEX certified Grp ll H2