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Compressed air – ST51 thermal flow meter

Air compressors can be extremely costly to run and can represent a significant operating cost. In order to implement a strategy to reduce leaks and cut losses, a thermal flow meter will calculate a baseline usage figure which can then be used to evaluate future efforts to reduce leakage.

Thermal flow meters have become the industry standard for Compressed air measurement due to ease of installation, low cost & the fact that, unlike Turbine flow meters or Orifice plates they do not simply measure velocity. The output is CFM at standard conditions ie free air delivered, regardless of the operating pressure. Furthermore they require a single 1” BSP tapping & can be Installed “live”, through a ball valve, at pressures up to 14 Bar

Key Features

  • Reads SCFM or NCMH directly,
  • No moving parts
  • “live” insertion and removal
  • 4-20mA and Pulsed outputs
  • Fully programmable