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Chemical injection – flow monitoring

Corrosion inhibitor and Scale inhibitor together with Methanol are routinely injected into crude oil reservoir rock to maintain oil flow and protect pipelines. To overcome the enormous well head pressures the chemical injection systems typically operate at 300 – 400 Bar and inject  the chemical at very low flow rates. It is essential to monitor the pumps for any loss of flow but at there are very few devices capable of detecting such low flows and such high pressures.

The FLT93L is used extensively for monitoring chemical Injection pumps and is designed for operating pressures up to 700 Bar and can provide reliable low flow alarms down to 0.15 Litres per hour. The FLT93L is both ATEX Exd and SIL2 rated.

Key Features

Flanged or Clamp hub connections


SIL2 rated

Operating pressure up to 800 Bar,

Low flow detection to 0.15 litres per hour