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Combustion air flow

Balancing the combustion air and fuel gas flow into industrial boilers, fired heaters & burners is essential in order to maintain efficiency and operate safely. The ST series thermal mass flow meters are widely used for both applications.

Combustion air ducts are usually quite large, 300 – 700mm diameter pipes are common and if the available “straight pipe run” is limited, the air flow profile will not be repeatable leading to significant errors. In this instance we can offer up to four separate sensors with a single transmitter, the transmitter averages the four flow measurements thus eliminating the error due to the duct layout.

In addition, the ST100 / ST102 are SIL1 rated & therefore suitable for safety related emergency shutdown applications.

Key Features

Pipe / duct sizes up to 5m x 5m

Temperatures up to +450 deg C


SIL1 rated

Fieldbus H1 / HART / Profibus