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Oil Mist Fire prevention

Oil Mist Prevention – Safety shields

The TFE Spray Guard is a multi layered, re-usable Teflon guard with a braided 100% TFE draw string. When tightened the fabric is drawn over the flange bolts to the pipe wall thus eliminating a spray out and mist formation. The fluid leak is contained, remains as a liquid and will seep through the Spray Guard to fall as droplets.

As well as offering personal protection it also an effective “Control Measure” in the compliance to DSEAR regulations because it significantly reduces the size of the hazardous area surrounding the pump. This will have added advantages in reducing the cost of local instrumentation.

Key Features

316 st/st or Teflon coated fibreglass designs

High pressure control up to 100 BarG

Extensively used in Oil & Gas industry